The New Pocket Watch

150 times per day. 

On average, that’s how many times it’s estimated we check our smartphones. Some estimate that to mean about 1 glimpse every 6 or 7 minutes, spread over 12 hours.

iPhones and Androids really are the new pocket watch. In an era long gone, and before the wristwatch came along, pocket watches were the thing. You’d pull it out if you were bored while waiting for someone or that next appointment. Maybe you would admire the finish, the workmanship of the device. Or maybe you’d use it to check the time and avoid a conversation with the person right next to you.


More and more, technology is being used as a replacement for real-life, taking you out of a moment rather than in one.

"I asked him to give me a job washing the floors, reminding him that I was meant to make the most beautiful cars the world has seen." - Horacio Pagani 

fast, faster, fastest

Design-Build-Test-Release. Being able to work through the development cycle quickly (and meaningfully) can be the difference between a successful product and a failure.

Rapid Prototyping starts with strong design. Depending on what your sprint or overarching objectives are - the interaction model, use-cases, accounting for the type of behavior that may be happening in the margins - knowing which way to go or what combination of techniques to use goes a long way.



Lost. Frank Ocean. Great audio-visual alignment.

Steve Jobs on the whiteboard breaking down the where and how of a market opportunity.