"I asked him to give me a job washing the floors, reminding him that I was meant to make the most beautiful cars the world has seen." - Horacio Pagani 

fast, faster, fastest

Design-Build-Test-Release. Being able to work through the development cycle quickly (and meaningfully) can be the difference between a successful product and a failure.

Rapid Prototyping starts with strong design. Depending on what your sprint or overarching objectives are - the interaction model, use-cases, accounting for the type of behavior that may be happening in the margins - knowing which way to go or what combination of techniques to use goes a long way.



Lost. Frank Ocean. Great audio-visual alignment.

Steve Jobs on the whiteboard breaking down the where and how of a market opportunity.

As technology takes more and more of the driver’s seat (literally, in some cases), we run the risk of becoming too dependent. Maybe Pixar’s Wall•E nailed it.